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NS7 II locking up with Serato DJ

I recently bought my Numark NS7 II and its been getting locked up every time I would do a session on serato DJ, and the only thing that fixes this would be to unplug or turn off the controller.

I went to guitar center for help and they recommended downloading the newest driver or update, but I can only download the serato DJ driver again, which I've done, but still didn't work. I can only find the NS7 II_2.9.55 driver which doesn't appear to do anything. The zip file downloads, but theres no install tab that I can see.

Again the problem is that the NS7 II keeps locking up while mixing and the master volume knob is the only thing that works when this happens. (Even the platters keep spinning although I'll try to stop them). I use a windows 8.1 Samsung intel core i5 2.60GHz 64bit
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