I’m frustrated

When using my NS7II with the DVS Expansion, Channel 1 and 2 Phono has no audio

I Have the dvs expansion and it works perfectly with my AMX + Pioneer PLX1000 turntable..

Only when i try the exact same set up now with my ns72 + plx1000, am I getting no response.

Using serato 1.7.8 and i have the latest numark drivers installed.

I have my audio cables coming from the phono turntable to the (NS72 input channel 1). I even have the manual switch to phono thats associated with input 1 on the back of the ns72.

Ive switched the desired platters to REL/ ABS mode..

My Turntable is not being picked up nor letting me control the wave files. If i plug the same USB cable to my amx instead, serato dj picks up my table with no problems.

My ns72 gives me no dvs response at all..

Does the PC/ Mic2/ Line button associated with the deck needs to be changed as well??

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