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NS7II Audio Glitches, Career Ending Audio Dropouts, USB dropouts, General Weirdness

First of all... love my NS7II.

But it's starting to be an expensive pain in the a*s.

Bought it Christmas, have a new Retina Macbook Pro i3, 8GB replacing an i7 Samsung laptop Win10 8GB.

BOTH laptops experience the following in both SERATO and VDJ.

- Audio Dropouts - the sound just stops.
- Distortion - High pitched squeals, often sounds like a bitcrushing washing machine.
- USB dropout indicator in Serato flickers with audio pops and clicks
- Odd behaviour with setting cue points in Serato.

Things I've tried.

- New USB cable.
- Switching USB ports.
- Getting a power surge adaptor.
- Moving the USB closer the power.
- All the optimization stuff recommended, such as buffer size and screen refresh.
- Making sure everything, and I mean everything is switched off on the laptop during playing out.
- Air vents fully free - thing is running cool.

Played a gig tonight and it cut out on me 6 times. No audio, platters spinning.

Plugged back in and 3 times out the 6, there was the audio distortion.

I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with the build of these things, surely we don't have to optimize our machines to the point that you can't do anything other than DJ off it. I've read and read and read... I'm looking at sending it back and getting a Pioneer. Has anyone got any recommendations other than the normal cr*p? "Move your USB closer to the power" = Ridiculous.

Also - this is very close to how mine sounds, but more of a sweeping in and out sound:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8R2F...
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