I’m Worried

NS7ii is failing to connect...please help

Windows 7 16 bit
intel i5
6GB ram
600GB free hard drive space.

When I launch serato, i am prompted that the NS7 ii is connecting, shortly after, it reports that it has failed. Drivers are installed properly (I know this because I have a NS7, which uses the same driver and connects just fine) and the NS7ii firmware updater is not recognizing it. Also windows reports when the NS7ii is plugged in that the drivers are not installed properly and shows up in the device manager as Numark usb audio device with yellow exclamation. Is there any way to fix this without sending the unit in for repair? Can someone please help?!
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver? A lot of times, this can clear up any issues that you might be experiencing with your controller not connecting. Additionally, make sure that you're connected directly to your computer's USB port and that you aren't connected to a hub. I would also suggest that you try using another USB cable or computer with your controller to see if you experience the same issue. 

    Let me know how this goes. 
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