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I’m frustrated

Numark Mixdeck Express won't function and screen displays "Boot Numark"

Hi numark employees, I need urgent help with my numark mixdeck express... last night I'd turn on my Mixdeck express, and saw the message "boot" on the display, and all the features are locked, I mean, you can't use the mixdeck on none way, even USb, MIDI, or CD, always show the "boot" message... I'll add a photo

I hope you can help me, I was searching the original firmware to re-flash it, but there are not files on the web, there are firmwares just for mixdeck, not mixdeck express, I don't want an update, I want to flash it to see if it can work propiely again... I don't have enough money to send it to Numark on Brazil... I'm from Argentina... that's all... Thanks for your time :) I hope U can help me out.
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