I’m frustrated

Numark NS6 left deck not working/skipping like a cd

as of last weekend while at a gig my left deck will no longer work. when i load a song it jumps to about 45 sec into the song with out me hitting play or cue and i can see the platter on the screen moving back and forth and in my head phones it sounds like a cd skipping. It does this with both Virtual DJ 7.0.4 and Itch. the right deck is perfectly fine but i cant use the left at all. this happened last satuday night in the middle of a gig (wasn't good). i have tried changing usb cables ect, and currently im at a gig and only have a right deck working and have an addl laptop hooked to channel 4 with a playlist going. also have tried this on my windows 7 laptop and get the same result. ive updated the drivers and nothing changed.
Please Help I don't want to have to go buy a new one....

Mac OS 10.5.8
Virtual DJ 7.0.4
Itch 2.1.0
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