Numark NS7 2 do not work

Hello, I have a little problem:

since 1 year, my NS7 ll works very well on Serato.
But overnight, Serato decided not to connect my NS7 ll anymore.
While on another computer, windows 10, walk !

I'm on Sierra MacOS, but the biggest problem is that in the "audio and MIDI setup", the numark NS7 ll is present.
And since the NS7 ll is MIDI compatible, it works in Logic Pro X.

And I do not understand why it does not work on Serato!
Thank you ;)
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  • Hi Antoine,

    Thanks for posting.  Sorry you're having issues with your controller. 

    Can you please provide me with your full system specs, as well as the version of Serato DJ you're using?

    Is the only issue that your controller isn't connecting with Serato? If this is the case, please confirm that your controller is being connected to your computer and powered on before launching Serato. 

    I would also suggest you go through the suggestions in these 2 guides below:

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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