I’m frustrated

Numark NS7ii distorted audio while playing after an 1 and then every hour after that...

I know this has been discussed and all of the topics related to the NS7ii distortion have been closed. I'm bring this up again and require a resolution or something to be done. Excuse my frustation but this controller is becoming a heavy a@@ paper-weight.

I have SDJ 1.7.1 and 1.7.3 installed, run the unit in MONO via XLR cable, run booth out to table monitor, purchased a brand new USB cord, XLR cables, RCA and everything else one would do for a cost effective solution before replacing the major working parts. Reinstalled Numark 3.2.0 driver on OSX 10.9.5. I have also had the logic board with a few cables replaced on my Late 2014 15" Macbook Pro, 16gig Ram with 2.3(3.6 power boost) processor.

I don't have anything attached to laptop other than an external Segate 5TB hard drive plugged in via USB and NS7ii controller. I have also tested my WD External 2TB FirWire800 hard drive via Thunderbolt port. Energy saving settings are turn off, never to allow hard-drive to sleep, screen saver turned off, wifi off, bluetooth off, nothing running in background.

Volume settings:
Channel Volumes all the way turned up
Gain knobs at 9-10 oclock
Master knob 9-10 oclock
All files have been analyzed to 92db, files are 320, 192kbs

Play out this past Saturday, first hour went great (good sound quality)
after first hour sound started to distort like an old transition radio, after a few minutes it got worse and then kept getting worse. Attempting to 911 troubleshoot, checked CONFIG settings, Mixer EQ at 12db, MONO output, USB buffer 10ms, check XLR (jiggled cable) no change in sound quality, did instant double to change track from channel 1 to 2 (no change), switched from MONO to Stereo (slight change), turned HPF/LPF (no change). Turned off NS7ii, changed out XLR, played without an issue and then after 1 hour distortion came back. Went through all the previous steps listed above no change even flipped the Phone/Line switch on back of unit (no change)

The only way to get the NS7ii to change its behavior is to hard POWER DOWN (shut down) and turn back on. Nothing else will change the behavior of the unit. I have had this unit for 1 year to, IMO there is an issue with software/drivers since the unit doesn't store anything on it and its just an expensive MIDI Device theres an issue with software/drivers.

I have used another MacBook Pro with Ns7ii and the distortion happens right away. Its not my Macbook Pros.

I have used both Macbook Pros on SSL 2.4.4 with TTM57SL mixer as well as SL2 Box and the distortion WAS NOT present. I have also used the DDJ SR and DDJ SX with these Macbook Pros and no distortion was present.

I need help here, I have also opened a support ticket. I have done everything a support tech could possibly do with playing files from Laptop only with only controller plugged in (distortion present) and with hard drive connected (distortion present). Changing out all cords and looking like a crappy dj to the point of killing a crowd at a packed house of 500 people.

Please HELP!
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help! I appreciate the detailed feedback and post. My first question is why are you using the NS7II in MONO when you're playing out live? I highly recommend utilizing both L & R XLR outputs when playing live to maximize your audio output. My second question is you logic board. What do you mean by you saying you had your "logic board" replaced before? Please elaborate.

    It appears you have the correct drivers installed so I'm not going to question that. Have you tried the NS7II on another computer? Do the same symptoms persist?

    Sometimes I have found that removing the device from MIDI Studio Window (Mac), lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Windows & Mac) in Serato DJ and adjust the USB buffer settings, improves the symptoms that you are having, and in some cases completely resolves the issue. See the steps below.

    Removing a Device from MIDI Studio (Mac Only)
    1. Open a new finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
    2. Double click Audio MIDI Setup.
    3. Select Window from the top menu and ensure that MIDI Studio is checked.
    4. With the Numark controller disconnected click the Numark USB Audio Device.
    5. Click Remove Device from the top of the MIDI Studio window.
    6. Reconnect your Numark Controller.

    Lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second & Increasing USB Buffer Size (Both Windows & Mac)
    1. Open Serato DJ.
    2. Click Setup from the top menu.
    3. Click the Library + Display tab
    4. Adjust the Display slider to 20 or 30. If you still experience clicks and pops after setting to 20 UPS try lowering the slider.
    5. Click the Audio tab
    6. Adjust the Audio slider to 10 or 20. If you still experience clicks, pops and dropouts then set your latency settings to 20.
    7. Close the Setup.

    Lastly, have you tried to call Numark Support yet to help you out over the phone? If not, simply log onto http://www.numark.com/support to contact Numark support.
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  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for replying.

    To address your questions, MONO reasoning:
    Setting the program to MONO and using 1 XLR output from NS7ii shouldn't change the state of audio as MONO send to 1 channel. Atleast true MONO come out the same either side chosen. To my knowledge whether I use a sound board and run the NS7ii Stereo out to a mixing board to mono or stereo XLR to speakers, would be the same as running Mono XLR out of the NS7II to a MONO input on a sound system.

    True Stereo splits the signal to both sides like an oldschool radio, most digital track are not True MONO.

    I have ran the NS7ii on my mobile rig, 1 speaker on each side of DJ Table where I have the left speaker attached to the left output of the NS7ii and the same for right.

    In addition, I have ran the NS7ii via Master RCA in stereo to a mixer at a club and the digital distortion is still present. So IMO this would be the same as running XLR or RCA, the master output would be the master out.

    My comment about the Logic Board:
    I have played on the NS7ii for 1 year to date, it seems that the audio distortion has gotten worse. Last month I had an issue with my laptop to where Apple replaced the Logic Board (brain). Pre -logic board I was experiencing the distortion. While my MBKP was in for repair I borrowed a buddy's MBKP and used it with NS7ii, I also experiences the distortion. When I received my MBKP after repair, I used it with NS7ii and the distortion was still present.

    While my MBKP was in repair, a fresh OS was install on it and laptop was wiped clean with nothing on it.

    Yesterday I have attempted to remove the Device via MIDI Studio, after the NS7ii is powered down/disconnected via USB the device is not present in MIDI Studio. Are you saying the device is still present in MIDI Setup or is there another way to remove it?

    I understand what you're suggesting about lowering the screen update settings but why would I have to do this when I have a powerful laptop with 16gb Ram and nothing on the laptop? I'm somewhat confused about what you're asking me to do. If you could, please clarify.

    Thank you for your time and I'm interested in hearing back from you.

    • Hello,

      I highly recommend connecting and using two XLR cables to maximize the output of your NS7II. You're not maximizing your output when you're simply only using one XLR cable for Master. For your mobile gigs, yes, it is ok to connect one speaker to each XLR output. Just as you posted above, left XLR is your left speaker, right XLR is your right speaker.

      While your NS7II is connected to your computer and powered on, then you should perform my steps from above. I'm asking you to do this to trouble shoot and see if your symptoms will still persist after adjusting the display settings. If you happen to adjust your settings and you don't experience the crackling, well, you will know then that your computer was having troubles processing the information from your computer back and forth from to your NS7II.

      Additionally, please give me the full specs of your computer below:

      Computer Name:
      Operating System:
      Processor Type:
      Amount of RAM:
      Hard Drive Size:

      Are there any custom upgrades or parts inside the computer?
    • late Model 2014 15" MacBook Pro with a retina display. OSX 10.9.5 maverick, Intel core i7, 16gb ram Intel iris pro 5200, 500 fb hd
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  • Chris,

    Additional info:

    I deleted Numark Device as mention and reconnected unit, ICON came back as you mentionted.

    I have lowered the screen updates to 30.

    I have increased Audio (latency) to 20.

    I'm currently testing unit.
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  • 1
    i keep having the same problem i have even sent my ns7 ll into numark to fix it and they just sent it back saying they couldnt find anything wrong with it.. but i play for about a hour or so and a horrible distortion starts coming through the speakers. it will cut in and out and then stay untill i shut the whole unit down... its horrible if im djing a wedidng and this happens.. has anyone fixed this problem yet
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