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Numark NS7ii firmware

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  • June 12, 2017 14:01
    Bill R.
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  • June 11, 2017 23:26
    Anthony Nelson Daniels
    Change in reply by Anthony Nelson Daniels to I had the same problem was told by numark to uninstall everything then reinstall and my computer now wont even recognize the ns7ii at all and numarks warranty on there website stated if you registered your equipment within 30 days your warranty would be good for 3 years if registered before 1 yr it would be good for 2 years and 1 yr if you didnt register it. I called them on it and there representative said it wasant for the ns7ii then i went to the site an hour later and if you search warranty nothing comes up now cause they are full of shit and they will give you the run around so if anything is not working right dont even fool wit it send that garbage back hopefully eventually you get one that works foreal and hopefully your still a DJ cause your gigs will suffer and they can give a fuck as long as they got there $1,500 out you God bless..

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