Numark NS7II Headphone Volume is Too Loud

Headphone volume is too loud on NS7Ii, I can not get a comfortable level on my headphones. If I have the knob turned below 12 o'clock the headphone volume is too low. When it's after 12 o'clock the drivers in my headphones (hd25ii pros) are jumping out of the cups and I have too quickly remove them from my head or turn the volume lower. I have had lots of controllers and I have never had one that the volume of the head phones ramps so quickly from too quiet to damaging ears and phones. Is this common ? I have the mixtrack pro 3 and it's perfect for head phone volume?
I like to have a quarter mix of master and prog channel in my left ear so I can get a good feel for the master track ? But the Ns 7 ii currently does not let me get a blend where master and cued are of similar volume., Prog track is either too loud. Painful some times or too quiet. I have experienced most mixers on the market and this is hurting my use of my NS7II. Please help
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post. I can help! Here's how you should mix with your headphones for your situation:

    1. Turn your BLEND knob all the way to the left on CUE.
    2. SPLIT CUE should be set on OFF.
    3. Press the HEADPHONE CUE button on the channel that you wish to headphone cue.
    4. Adjust your Headphone VOLUME knob accordingly.
    5. Make sure your 1/4" adapter for your headphones is a three ring adapter. If you're having issues with the 1/4" adapter, try just connecting your headphones to the 1/8" jack instead.

    Try all of this out and let me know how it goes.
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