I’m confused

Numark ns7ii headphones not playing sound

Hello Numark,

I have recived my brand new numark ns7ii, I have followed instructions from the guide and downloaded the Mac 10.10 driver installed 1st > reset Mac> installed serato Dj 1.8

Music shows up fine the platter and cues work fine but I have no sound coming from the headphones

I have channel 1/2 on a and 3/4 on B.

My question is that I currently have no speakers connected to the unit I want to use the controller just with headphones for practice is this possible?

Also split is off and have tried two pairs of headphones and also updated the firmware

I use a Mac book pro 2009 model Intel core duo 2 2.26
Os is Yosemite

Please help as I'm worried my new unit is faulty

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