I’m bummed

How do you change the Hot Cue colors in Virtual DJ 8?

I've had my NV for almost a year now, working just fine with Virtual DJ 8, until recently I noticed that all my hot cues are the same color on its display. This happens instantly when I load a track that already has Hot Cues saved.

For example; in Virtual DJ, each deck has its own color (deck1 being blue, deck 2 being red). The moment the track loads on Deck1 all my Hot Cues are Blue on my NV's display. I'll load a track on Deck2 and all Hot Cues will show up as Red. Same happens with deck 3 and 4.

I hate to complain because my NV has been awesome, just until now.

I have a MacBook Air and an HP ENVY and have the same problem occurring with both laptops. Please Help!

Thank You.
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