Is OS X 10.10 Yosemite supported for the NS7 and NS7II?

Given how poorly the OS X 10.9 release went[1] I wanted to get this discussion started and be very clear:

As of 3 days ago, Numark developers can get the OS X 10.10 developer preview[2], and start making sure the NS7 and NS7II drivers support it.

There is also a public beta that DJs can use to test compatibility, though fair warning: downgrading will be hard if it does break.

When do you anticipate releasing beta drivers for 10.10?

Your official representatives have told us in other threads[3] that your company policy is to refuse to provide any scheduled release info of any kind for drivers. So I assume I won't receive a response, I guess I just wanted to get it on the record. Numark will have months to support 10.10 before it even comes out. I hope you do so.


[1] Upgrading to 10.9 completely bricked my NS71, adversely affected many people's NS7II's, didn't get even beta support for a year, still no drivers out of beta

[2] OS X 10.10 Developer preview:

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