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Overall problems with Numark NV DJ controller

Well I don't know where to start... Honestly I had high expections before I got the Numark NV and when I got it I was faced with a number of issues. First off about two months into using this controller it started to auto disconnect from serato and stick while in playback, updated my serato version the problem persisted so I changed the USB cable and it worked normally so I'm already at a loss by having to buy another cable for a brand new controller... and no there were no kinks, tears or breaks in the cable!!!! After doing this upon starting up the controller and loading a song even if all upfaders are down at full kill and I activate a cue point or press play you hear audio coming out the master.... so before I start any mix I have to send the upfaders up and back down a few times for this to be resolved.. This is absolutely poor Numark!!! When it comes to the FX you must reset the value before you trigger because if you don't it will not activate to how much it was last set at.... Send some fixes for these issues or else I'm gonna not buy anything Numark again... I had a Pioneer DDJ SX before and honestly no issues I had the option Between purchasing the Pioneer DDJ SX2 but the Numark NV was looking promising and now your controller is making me regret my decision...... So send me some fixes A.S.A.P!!!!!!
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