Pitch is off on Right Platter by 2.5%

I'm encountering a strange issue with my NS7II. I've noticed that my pitch faders are off by about 2.5% on the right side. For example, if I am playing two tracks of the same BPM my pitch on the left could be at +4 and the rigth side could be at 6.5%. If I have doubles playing, the pitch on the right if I hange the slider to the same speed it goes way out of sync. If I turn the platter off, the song instantly speeds up. What could be happening here?

I have tried to follow the calibration settings, listed at https://www.numark.com/kb/article/1798 however the instructions are not clear as to when the red sync light is to come on or off between the steps, and I am not sure if it is calibrating properly or not.
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