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Platter Touch Failure

I'm not sure if this is an NS7II problem or a Serato problem, so I'm posting it in both forums.

The way I usually start a new track is to cue up the start point, hit cue a few times to time it, then hold cue down, and use a second finger to hit play. Then I touch the platter to speed the track up or down to get the two in perfect sync. So far, so good.

However, when trying to do this on a track that is speed changed more than +/- 8%, touching the platter to slow it down has no effect. Of course it physically slows down, but the actual playback speed does not change. After some experimentation, here's what I've found:

Things that cause the platters to work correctly again:

  1. Moving the platter enough that slip mode would normally engage if it were on. After you move it even once, control returns to normal until you use cue again. Of course, that doesn't help me.

  2. Changing the BPM.

  3. Starting with play instead of cue.

  4. Reverse: Bizarrely, if you play the track backwards, this doesn't happen.

  5. Instant Start. I think this is because the BPM starts at 0% and quickly slides to the proper setting.

  6. Pitch Bend: This is literally the only way I can make it work 100% of the time. But it's not the way I'm used to doing things.

Things that do not cause the platters to work correctly again:

  1. Using hot cues. Same problem.

  2. Changing the BPM range. For example, if you have the range at 50%, but only change the slider to -4%, the issue does not occur. If you start the same track at -8.5%, the issue occurs.

  3. Restarting the controller.

  4. Restarting the computer.

  5. Recalibrating the controller. And believe me, I tried a few times.

  6. Using the strip search.

  7. The controller latency setting

It also doesn't seem to matter what the speed of the other track is, or even if there is one or not.

Windows 7
NS7II firmware: 1.0.0.k1
Driver: 2.9.55
Serato version: 1.9.1

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?
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