Random Playback

Hi, I've been using Numark products for several years now. Love it, no complaints. I've had two Numark NDX400s for a little while and a few months ago I encountered an issue with both: during playback on any given track on any given CD, a song will be playing and randomly jump to the last few seconds of the previous track on the same CD. The song was never on a Hot Cue and 9 times out of 10 was never the song played before on the same CD player.

Now as a hobby I normally brush it off because I'm in my room just playing along, but every so often I will play at a gathering as a "hey I know a guy" just so I can get out. This problem happens randomly but tonight it happened twice on both players within 5 minutes if each other. I have an extremely important company holiday party to perform at that is being attended by the people on top and I can't have this happen live.

Has anyone also experienced this issue? What where your troubleshooting actions?

DJ Mack E.
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