Deck 1 on my NS7ii is a little behind Deck 2 when beat matching, meaning I always have to speed up deck 1 using the pitch bend, even though the two tracks are playing at the same BPM and perfectly beat-matched. My question is, should I try to re-calibrate my NS7ii? Put it this way, if re-calibrating can cause any issues with my NS7ii, Then I can definitely live with it. Because my NS7ii is working extremely well and I don't want to look for trouble, if you know what I mean.....
I've read that people had issues trying to get the NS7 series re-calibrated and it did'nt work out for them. I don't know if their problems were user-error or the NS7 controllers. If anyone out there has had any success or experience with re-calibrating the NS7ii, Please let me know.... Thanks
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