Sound Quality issues with my Numark NS7ii

The sound quality on the right deck of my NS7ii is usually not so good and loud while playing. The gain buttons are up but still no improvement. Can anyone suggest what I should do? Thanks
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! If you're using a laptop, I always recommend connecting your Numark DJ controller to the USB port closest to your power supply. That port will always draw the most power to your unit. Try a different USB cable. Sometimes a simple thing like a USB cable can play the middle man during these issues. Also, make sure you optimize your computer from my recommended steps above. Exceed the minimum specifications for both the Serato DJ software and your DJ controller.

    Ensure that your DJ controller and your entire setup is connected to a properly grounded power surge protector. I've even experienced for myself that if I'm at my gig and the booth has a poor surge protector or outlet, my DJ controller would experience symptoms similar to this.

    If you're on a PC, you can try out the steps below:
    PC Optimization Guide for Serato DJ users using Windows 8 -

    If you're on a Mac, you can try out the steps below:
    Mac Optimization Guide for Serato DJ users using OSX 10.9 Mavericks -
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