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I’m excited


Sorry for the caps but i just had to say this is the best controller i have the pleasure in owning .
I don't have any problems like the other djs have ,the ns7 ii always works with no freezing ,crashing ,
I only use an i3 hp pavilon with 8gb ram and an external solid state hard drive.
I have no norton protection to hold up cpu.
I don't surf the net .
I only use it for dj ing
I do spend one day a week just making sure that the laptop is updated with the micro soft updates.
the laptop is run with no program running for an hour . When i go to a gig the wifi is disabled for the night.
I use a cheap laptop to surf the net and to do all the other things
You must not over load your laptop with surfing the net ,you tubing,facebook,twitter,or any other.
I run my ns7 ii for approx 6 hours with not a glitch !!!!!