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This is how I make my laptop work with NS7II on Windows 10

The upkeep of a windows 10 laptop
This is what i do to make it run all night and every night
I have a i3 hp pavilion with 8gb ram and 1tb hard drive
1 move all your music to a external solid state hard drive and remove all your music from the internal hard drive.
2 defrag the hard drive once a day as this speeds up ( time each time you defrag as the time for defrag will get shorter.
3 disable wifi and bluetooth
4 remove any installed anti virus software.
5 don't let windows updates happen ( i've had my laptop for 15 months and its working well without it
6 follow all the advice that numark and serato give you about optimizing your pc it does work !!!!
7 If serato say you need a min of 4gb put a min of 6gb or 8gb and you won't go wrong

It is a pain in the bum to keep defrag,, but it does work well ..
once a day or so just power up the laptop and just let it run on its own for about half an hour just to see if it has any issues.
I have a ns7 ii and it works well with my laptop
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post dj Geoff. I'm sure this will help someone else out in the near future. What I recommend for all Windows users to do is to log onto the NS7II product page to download and install the latest audio driver for your computer -

    If you're using a laptop, I always recommend connecting your Numark DJ controller to the USB port closest to your power supply. That port will always draw the most power to your unit. Try a different USB cable. Sometimes a simple thing like a USB cable can play the middle man during these issues. Also, make sure you optimize your computer from my recommended steps above. Exceed the minimum specifications for both the Serato DJ software and your DJ controller.

    Lastly, ensure your DJ controller and your entire setup is connected to a properly grounded power surge protector. I've even experienced for myself that if I'm at my gig and the booth has a poor surge protector or outlet, my DJ controller would experience weird symptoms.

    Then, make sure you performed the PC Optimization Guide for Serato DJ.
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