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Timecode NDX 400 + Virtual Dj + Stereo IO Audio Interface

Stereo IO with Numark NDX400 connected to Virtual DJ 8 and 7, how? I have done all the connection properly as it is reported on the quick guide book. Configuration as well but nothing, it s not working. What is the problem? windows 10? Cables?Please let me know I want to use the timecode. Thank you.
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  • Hi Frederico,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Please keep in mind, the Stereo IO is not officially supported for use with Virtual DJ or Windows 10. The Stereo IO can be used with EZ Vinyl Tape Converter or Audacity. Additionally, the NDX400 is not supported for use with the Stereo IO either. I also don't believe there was a mapping file that was made for the Stereo IO or Virtual DJ. If you want to be using timecode with your NDX400, I would advise looking at our Denon DJ DS1, or the Rane SL1, 2, 3, or 4.
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