Tonearm cue not working....

When I lift my tonearm cue it goes up just very slightly. Certainly not enough to lift the tonearm at all. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for posting.

    Can you confirm you've setup your tonearm correctly? Follow these steps below:

    1. Begin the balancing process by lighting the cue level to the up position (or make sure that the stylus protector is on the cartridge.)
    2. Next, rotate the counterweight clockwise until it is in the complete forward position.
    3. Now there should be a feeling of weight and resistence when the headshell is raised and lowered. Begin rotating the counterweight counter-clockwise until this weight and resistance feeling is gone. If done properly, the tone arm will pivot with very little resistance back and forth indicating that there is exactly 0 grams of stylus pressure.
    4. With the counterweight in its new position further away from tone arm pivot point, grasp the scale ring of the counterweight annd rotate it until "0" is in the vertical position.
    5. Finally, rotate the counterweight and scale ring clockwise towards the pivot point until the desired amount of weight is reached. If the scale rotates 360 degrees beyond the zero point, the new scale ring reading should be added to 3.5.
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