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Use Any 45 vinyl on Numark Ns7 or NS7 II

I found a way to convert a real vinyl to fit on my ns7. I wanted the red vinyls that are discontinued these days, so I made my own. I ordered some red vinyls from ebay, got a bulk amount of 'RCA Victor' red seal records, costed about 10 dollars for 10 red vinyls. I colored the labels with paint markers to my custom ideal. then I removed the three scews at the bottom and screwed it into the donut hole of red vinyls.

I ran into this problem: real vinyl is thinner than the ns7 vinyl, so without modification, this generally wont work because the vinyl will turn without controlling the spindle.

solution: create a suitable thickness so the record controls the spindle.

I took a thin piece of hemp string I use for making rope and laced it underneath the adapter so that the adaptor and vinyl could firmly grip eachother. now I got this bad-ass result. probably, with some creativity, one could do something more professional, but whatever, it works and i like the way it looks.

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Here at Numark, we don't recommend doing this, however this was a pretty clever idea by OMEYEGOD. Nice work and thanks for the post!

    FYI, you may be able to still find some dealers selling these colored records across the internet. I recommend performing a search in your favorite search engine for NS7 replacement vinyl. You will find that many of your top dealers show up in your search engine. Thanks!
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