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Videos freeze while djiing on Virtual DJ and Serato DJ with my NS7

The main problem Numark are having with Ns7 is nothing it plays music and Videos in Virtual Dj pro and Serato itch in Window7 , Ns7ll and Ns7lll you need the latest drivers and software and everything works, but the problem never starts with playing audio files, it start when you try and play music videos, this cost a lot to not enjoy it. You can use a pioneer product and not miss a beat on video files. So numark need to get it together period. We are tired of the same old run around, and it is time for action on Numark side.we are tired of being scared to play our $1500 dollar unit at a gig. And by the way I'm a Dj,And computer technician, Computer Spec , Windows 8, 8.1, 10 , i7 3.4 GHz 500 quick boot 10 second, 2Tb samsung internal Hard Drive 4GB video ram and 32GB of Ram , and i can't play but 3 videos before the unit freeze and stop responding. Using virtual Dj or Serato Dj , same thing. Also using a $200 Dollar USB power Hub.
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  • Hello James,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! Video DJing is does not freeze due to your hardware. Remember that. Video freezes are due to your computer, its specs and the DJ software. I personally video DJ myself with the NS7 series controllers. I don't have any video freezing. You must learn to adjust the video setting playback in both your Virtual DJ Pro or Serato DJ software. You also need to optimize your computer for the best performance while DJing. Here are a couple of guides to help you out:

    * Virtual DJ PC Performance Guide

    * Serato DJ PC Optimization Guide
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