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Why is my NS7 2 stopping,and audio not working properly!

I have had MY NS7 II multiple times in the last 6 months,just cut out completely and freeze,or audio pops and crackles..Also at times,Tracks play in reverse on there own..I have updated my drivers and firmware & Serato Dj to the latest version's..I have also tried messing with the buffer in my settings as well..I have no other apps running in the background,nor bluetooth,or airports on..I have deleted tons of files thinking it was a bad file but it is not! I am running el capitan version 10.11.6...And also using a mac book pro mid 2012 with 16gb of ram..2.5 ghz intel i5..I have called and called for 6 months,and no answer from numark....Someone please help
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