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I’m frustrated

Problems formatting custom chapters

I'm having trouble formatting the content in the custom chapters; it's removing most of my line breaks. Can I use HTML formatting? Is there a way for me to see what it will look like printed? Or, alternatively, can I simply provide my own PDFs in a predefined size to be included in my guide?

Also, when I download the PDF version my custom chapters don't appear. Is that intentional?
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    I’m thankful for your question!

    This is a great question. We've been working on the issues you mentioned - some are resolved, and some are still outstanding at this time, so let me give you an update:

    1) Your line breaks should now stay in the guide, sorry about that!
    2) We're working on a system that will allow HTML formattng, but we had a problem where some cut-and-pasted HTML would cause issues when building PDFs. Rather than leave an unpredictable feature in the product, we decided to take out all HTML formatting for now until we get the core issues resolved. Sorry about that!
    3) We're working on a service that will let you preview what the formatted custom chapters will actually look like in a book. No firm ETA on that, but it is definitely in the works.
    4) Unfortunately we can't easily take a PDF that you already have and squeeze it into a book, it creates a bunch of formatting issues, especially with margins, bleeds, and flows. My suggestion at this time would be for you to select the text from the PDF, copy it into your clipboard, and then paste it into the custom chapter field. It'll reformat, but all the information will be there.
    5) When you download your PDF, your custom chapters should appear. You may find it needs a bit of reformatting this time around (sorry!) but once you've fixed it once, you shouldn't have to do it again.

    If you don't see your custom chapters printed in your PDFs in the future, then that's a major bug, please let us know - but I think you'll find them there...

    Thanks for using Offbeat Guides, and for your great feedback on our beta!

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