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David Im (Director of Customer Community) July 04, 2012 12:32

FB bug - issues resizing tab page apps (RESOLVED)

Starting at approximately 9:50pm US/Eastern on July 3rd, Facebook began experiencing an issue with their system that causes app pages to be cut off on not be displayed completely. This issue affects campaign pages not loading completely.

Here is the status update from Facebook :
July 3, 10:19pm - Issues resizing Page Tab applications
Page Tab applications relying on `FB.Canvas.setSize` to resize are currently not resizing for users browsing the site on HTTPS. We have a fix in progress and will update when it's pushed into production.

Here are the specific FB bug page for more details:

This issue should be resolved by Facebook soon as they have noted they have a fix. You can follow up on the latest via their status page:

At around 2:45 pm, we released a workaround solution that should help by adding scroll bars to the campaign apps. This may not look the most pleasing but it will make the apps usable.

Facebook has still not addressed the issue. It is a major US holiday today so they may be taking a little longer to respond today.


The Facebook Platform status page has issued an update :
July 4, 8:58pm - Issues resizing Page Tab applications resolved
Page tabs should now resize as expected.

We will rollback the workaround solution (scroll bars on canvas pages) by tomorrow morning.


July 5, 10am - We had rolled back the scroll bars for canvas pages but learned that the resizing issue was still occurring for some pages so we have left them in place for now. We will take an extensive look on how we can fully fix the resizing of app pages.


July 6, 3pm - We have come up with a more permanent fix for the resizing issue. We have also removed the scroll bars for most campaign pages. If you are seeing scroll bars, please refresh and let us know any cases where you may feel the resizing is not working correctly.

Campaigns accessed on mobile browsers should also no longer be cut off.
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