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Minor network issues early this morning

We had some cases early this morning where people may have had intermittent delays, and two brief intervals of downtime, while accessing Twitter and Facebook campaigns. This was due to a problem with the Internet backbone, and affected many web services including our own.

The interval where people may have noticed delays was between 05:45 and 07:35 GMT (12:45 am to 2:35 am US Eastern). During that time, a small number of users would have had intermittent delays of up to 30 seconds while trying to access our site. Most users would not have noticed any delays.

There were also two brief periods of downtime affecting all Twitter and Facebook campaigns, three minutes from 05:54 to 05:57 GMT (12:54 am to 12:57 am US Eastern), and three minutes from 06:37 to 06:40 GMT (1:37 am to 1:40 am US Eastern).

The underlying issue affecting our services was resolved by the affected backbone Internet Service Provider(s) at 7:35 GMT (2:35 am US Eastern).
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