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Not a page admin?

When trying to create a campaign it says I am not an admin of any pages. I am admin of over 20 pages..
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  • Adam,

    With our Unified Dashboard, your Facebook page’s administrator should automatically have access to your page's campaigns when you log into Offerpop via your personal Facebook log-in.

    To read more about features of our Unified Dashboard, see: http://gsfn.us/t/2fiqh

    On your dashboard, in a box headlined "Where do you want to publish campaigns?" you should see the link "Add page." This should reveal a list of all pages linked to this account. Add the page in question. You should be able to create campaigns and add them to this page.

    If the above does not occur, please let us know what you're seeing. If possible, provide a screenshot of what happens when you reach this menu.
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