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Option to limit voting to 1 vote per voter per entry - photo contest

To make the contest more fair: we would like to prevent voters from voting on the same photo more than one time. At the same time we like to have a lot of voting activity, voters should be able to vote on any entry whenever they feel like (not limited to once per hour or once per day).

It would be great if this was an option in the photo contest.

It would:
1) be more fair to all participants and motivate more people to join the contest and keep posting
2) encourage people who enter photos to spread the word to more friends and ask them to vote (rather than have a few friends who vote many times for the same photo)
3) be transparent to fans (they would receive a warning telling them they have already voted for this entry)
4) make life of the page admins easier (we can manually correct, but it is time consuming, and confusing for our fans too)

Thanks and keep up the good work!
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