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I’m Excited

Turn this into a full skill builder - pick one app and really work it.

I'm very excited about the Ribbon Hero concept, and although it was initially meant to help make the transition to the Ribbon, it really is a very powerful tool to both expose the user to functionality that they didn't know about, and teach them how to be more effective.

Why not pick one of the office applications, and really dig into teaching this application in a solid way. You could use the following design themes:
- Watch the person work for a week to see what they already know (avoid teaching stuff that's below the person's current capability level). Perhaps include an adaptive test to get a gauge of the current capability of the user
- Repeat new concepts learned after a period (similar to flashcards) so that the user can reenforce learning instead of just learning it once (unless RH can spot that the user is using this concept in action - in which case having a followup lesson is of no use)
- Clearly articulate levels of expertise (e.g. level 5 MS Excel user out of 10), so that this can be used by teams to assess competence, by managers to decide training needs, and by staff to understand where they lie on a scale. Level 10 (or Master level) needs to be a true master/power user and should include familiarity with most / all of the features of the package, and should also include shortcuts and efficiency measures (can the person do this in 2 clicks or 1 keyboard command).

- Finally, make this easy to integrate into the big install-base firms - namely:
- Provide integration points to Training & Development systems
- Make rollout and integration easy for IT professionals (integration into install packages etc)

NOTE: The more that Microsoft invests in making people into Excel / Word / Powerpoint masters, the more secure Microsoft can be in knowing that their clients will not defect.
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