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Photo of adamA
I LOVE IT! (Particularly the self-effacing jabs at Clippy.) I am a VP of IT and I will be encouraging this to our managers.
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Photo of Don AmerexDA
Great game!
This is a great game! It teaches you about Microsoft Office & History too! Plus the teacher is my all time favorite Office Assistant! kee...
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Photo of dalit
Hi, Is there any chance Microsoft will release the code of RH2 for localization?... I'm interested in the Hebrew version, as a techno...
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Photo of kbmc81
I Love Ribbon Hero
I love this thing. I've been studying for the MOS Excel Expert exam, and Ribbon Hero has been helping me become more familiar with the r...
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Photo of Lawb1957L
Moving On
As you increase in the levels of the game, Ex. Skill level 3. what can be done when the application does not open? One of them was Top s...
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