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Photo of Liliana Grosu
How many tasks are in an era
A visual showing how many tasks of an era were accomplished like "4 out of 6". That's because you can go to another era without finishing...
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Photo of SusanS
APPLE Beware!!
Fantastic Fun Filled Instruction !! All this time I thought Apple cornered the market for EZ instructional software... If you could ...
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Photo of PeterP
Licensing for Ribbon Hero 2
I work at a college, and I'm curious if this game can be used in some way for our staff. The only problem is that if we want to install ...
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Photo of Miranda King
What does this mean?
C:\Users\Valued Customer\Downloads\RHSetupVista7.msi.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again lat...
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Photo of Ng Ai SooNA
Cannot install RH2
Cannot install on win7 64bit home premium with office 2010: error says "The cabinet file '' required for this installation is co...
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