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I’m sad

praise+offline/online issue


I love your app. It is neat, minimal, lightweight, slick... I love it.

2 things bother me though, and I think they deserved to be written (I rarely contact dev even when I am in love with their apps).

1) necessity to be online. Actually, to focus on my work (I am a researcher), I often need to move with my laptof and to be offline. And when I am online, I often have wifi issues because of my institute implementation of internet (it is dummily done).
Why do I need to be online to use your app ?
For me at least, it is a real issue that my prevent further use (and beleive me, I almost cried when I discovered this app !)

2) this is more a UI issue but, could the app disappear and appear just to remember me what I have to do or do you think that this is not the "spirit" of your app ? I am using a 13" and screen space is scarce...

Anyway, I hope you will be able to answer me at least on the first point, but maybe implementing a non-online option would require to much work, which I would understand...

Keep up the good work