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Photo of Öz Bal
snooze not accurate
Today it ́s wednesday and I just snoozed a task until next week. When I look in the list it says that the task is due in 3 days.. Could m...
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Photo of Roger Van Der Blyk
Multi-monitor compatibility
The app doesn't work at all with multi-monitors. Th bar appears all over the place, changes from full length to quarter length... A bit d...
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Photo of swhitlow
Reminders Integration
Is there a way to do a simple "Reminders" integration? This would simply show the Reminders from the Reminders app (or the iCal app). Wou...
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Photo of beta.user
Larger window?
Is there any way I can do the task window on the screen larger, i.e. take up more space with larger fonts etc. I basically want it to be ...
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