I’m slightly annoyed - almost quit.

OneTrueFan "Bars" Me From Working

Not too thrilled with the OneTrueFan bar when I'm not "playing". Any way to set things up other than having to always hide it on a site by site basis? I know about the blacklist, but what about new sites?
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  • I’m happy to hear from you!
    Thanks for the feedback Mitchell!

    The OneTrueFan player bar is definitely a work in progress, and as we speak, the OTF team is behind the scenes tweaking around with a few things and using the feedback we have received from the community to improve the functionality and behavior of the bar. We should have something special for you to check out very soon!

    In the meantime, you might want to check out the hack that our friend Mike Grace made for us over at Kynetx. We are all huge fans of what he put together, and are using it as a big point of inspiration for whats next to come:


    Drop us a line anytime if you have ideas, feedback or questions on how we can make OneTrueFan kick even more ass!
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