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404 File or Directory Not Found Trying to Access Classes From Home. Works Fine At School.

Student is unable to open a class from the left column once he is logged in to Open Class. This is the message he receives: This only fails to work at his home. This does not happen when he is in school. At home, He has tried using other devices at home such as his desktop and laptop computer and the same thing happens. We connected him to a Verizon HotSpot here at school and Open Class worked fine when connected to the hotspot. No other students are reporting this issue. His internet access at home is simply a ATT UVerse wireless router. Has anyone seen this before?
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  • Let's try a couple of things to see if we can help this student, Tony. First, we'll also need to gather more information from you. Thank you in advance for your help!

    To confirm, the student is using the same laptop in school and at home? Is this a Chromebook?

    Also to confirm, the student can login to OpenClass successfully, but he is unable to access his courses? If this is the case, is this happening when he attempts to access all courses, or just a specific course? If it is a specific course, can you please tell us which one?

    Can you tell us which Operating System and browser he is running on his desktop at home?

    Has the student ever been able to access his courses in OpenClass at home? Or is this a new development?

    Below is a screenshot of the error that displayed when we clicked on the link you included in your post. Can you please confirm this is correct? If this is not the error the student is receiving, can you please ask the student to take a screenshot when it occurs and include it here in a post (you can use the landscape icon in the lower right-hand corner of the text field to include a screenshot in a post)?

    Because this is only occurring at home, we're wondering if there may be an issue with cookie settings in his browser, and/or home network settings preventing courses from loading. Because your school uses Chromebooks, we're going to use the Chrome browser as an example. Can you please ask the student to add to his list of trusted sites, or adjust his cookie settings to allow for less restrictions? Please click here for step-by-step instructions to add trusted urls to the Chrome browser. You can find similar resources for alternate browsers on the web.

    Also, I'm sure the student has tried this a number of times, but it is worth asking him to clear the cache and cookies in his preferred browser on all machines/devices he is using to access his courses.

    Please let us know if these suggestions help! If not, we'll be on the lookout for responses to the questions listed above. Thanks again!

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