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Amazing Worksheets! Fill in Blanks Field Size

I like to create worksheets using the fill-in-the-blank-style questions. This closely imitates the old-school worksheet but is way better because the student doesn't have to wait for feedback about her answers. Not to mention that old paper worksheets never included video and audio elements!

Currently OpenClass has a fixed size for the answer field...I want to say it's about 40 characters or so. That's too restrictive. If the student continues typing past that limit he will be unable to see his whole sentence. (Yes, my fill-in-the-blanks are multiple words long...I'm a language teacher).

Allow the instructor to adjust the answer field length. This solves the nuisance problem of "the text entry box is too short" for students.

In the example below, I wrote the answer in English so you can see the problem.

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