Blank page when logged in

Student has trouble logging in. When they do log in the page is blank. Course does not load. Student Name is Tuyet, H. Organization is SMEI
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  • We're sorry to hear about the trouble your student is having, Willis. We see Tuyet has been enrolled in the CSE - Certified Sales Executive course. Is this correct? Are there additional courses Tuyet should see?

    Also, it appears Tuyet's account was created off the domain. Can you confirm he is entering his email address and password in the correct fields? I have included a screenshot below for your reference.

    Finally, we had provided this information to you in a previous post but I did want to confirm Tuyet is using a supported operating system and browser. Can you please make him aware of this information? If he is following our technical requirements, can you please list his operating system and browser here?
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