Can a student access a course before or after term end date?

I'm wondering if a student enrolled in a course can access the course either before or after the term dates. I ask because I want to be able to enroll students in a course before I might have the course ready for viewing. I also sometimes want to give access to a course after the end date so students can finish-up incomplete assignments. I find that if I simply extend the term dates to allow it, it confuses the other students: now they all think they have extra time to complete the course, because they see the new course end date displayed. So, I'm just wondering what my options are.
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  • Students can access course content as soon as they are enrolled in the course. The only way to prevent them from accesssing course content is to wait to enroll them, or drop them from the particular course if they are already enrolled.

    If you do elect to enroll students prior to term start, the course will be located under 'Future Courses' in their Dashboard and will not be immediately visible. The student must click the Future Courses tab to expand the course menu and display the list of future courses. To keep future course content private until term start, you can hide the particular menu items within the course while you build them out, and then un-hide them when you are set to begin.

    Not a perfect solution, Jonathan, but we hope helpful nonetheless.
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