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Can I enroll students without google apps and then change?

We are waiting for our approval from Google for our Apps for Education account. If I need to enroll students in OpenClass before that, can I add them to OpenClass using the e-mail addresses and passwords they will ultimately have under Google apps (firstinitiallastname@ccemu.org), have them login through OpenClass to start using the course, and then later have them login through the Apps for Education tab instead?
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  • We like anxious. And this is a great question.

    In the long run, it will be easier for you and your students to wait until your students have been created on your Google Apps for Education domain before adding them to OpenClass.

    Because your OpenClass campus was installed on a Google domain, any user you add to OpenClass will automatically receive a welcome email tailored to the audience of an existing Google Apps user. There will likely be confusion for your students if they are welcomed to OpenClass and instructed to login with their Google credentials before they have had the opportunity to configure and access their Google account.
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