I’m very frustrated for my student

Cannot open courses using Chrome on a MAC . . . shows "no data available"

I have student who is unable to open any of the courses. He is using Chrome (as well as Firefox) on a MAC (2 years old). He has cleaared his cache going back a week and we checked the Popups which are set to allow OpenClass access.

He goes to the signin page, puts in his password and the OC home page opens. He can "see" the student discussion comments, his name, the dashboard and the course listed in the left hand column. However, when he clicks on the cours in either the dashboard or the column on the left NOTHING happens. The black bar on the left is there but nothing is in it. On the right the screen is completely blank except for a gray circle (which is a photo) with three lines running through it and on the far right nothing is visible to him and there is nothing else visible on the page.

He needs help! and I've searched your discussion threads and cannot find someone with a similar problelm. I've spent hours on the phone with him but now ned help from you.

He has not tried Safari or Opera and does not have IE because he is using a MAC. HELP!!!!!
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