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Can't edit course

Hi OpenClass Team,

I was wondering why my instructor in a course can't modify anything in the course. The modify page and modify menu links are not appearing. But I can verify that he is a course instructor since he can review and comment on assignment submissions. I already tried the following:
1) Clear cache.
2) Drop then add him again as instructor.
3) Change his role as admin to see if he can edit the course (fail)

Please see details below:

Institution: FG Learning Portal
Problematic User: Alvin Gulmatico (We haven't tried with other instructors)

Kindly check this issue. Thanks.
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  • We tested this account and had no issue accessing the authoring tools in the courses in which Alvin is enrolled as an Instructor. Please see screenshots below.

    As a reminder, Administrators will not have complete access to course tools unless they are enrolled in the course as an Instructor.

    We suggest confirming technical requirements and asking Alvin to give it another try. Also, when clearing cache and cookies, be sure to completely close out of all browser windows and tabs after doing so. You can then open a new window to continue with your OpenClass session.

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