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Create course for every year once with batch changing every year on it.

Dear Sir,
I am facing a new problem, it’s related to same courses for every year and new batch every year.

Say for example, we have Marketing Research course with course code FMC305 with a call number say test001 and i invited 2014-2016 batch using call no test001.

Now, next year, a new batch 2015-2017 will come and will read the same subject Marketing Research with same course code FMC305.
As per your system, call number will be test001 only and if I invite batch 2015-2017 using same call number then both batch will combine. And if I change the call number from course as admin then the batch 2014-2016 will lose all his data.
Copying course is one option as I think, then we will have same course many times in course list.

I hope you understood my situation, I want course to be created once and every year new batch can be enrolled separately in same created course.
Changing call number every year will delete and/or remove students of previous batch?

Please help me fast. Launch date is today evening for the 1st batch.
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  • Hi Gopal,

    If we understand your use case, it would be best to use a different call number for each one of these courses. Perhaps naming them something closer to the course code plus the dates would be beneficial.

    For instance, FM3051416 for this current course, and FM3051517 for the next course. There is no need to change the current call number if you already used test001. You can continue to use this and just deploy the call number method in the future.

    Please let us know if this makes sense. Thanks,
    The OpenClass Team
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