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Discussion history: only about 12-15 posts are retained on the home page. Is there a way of having access to the archives? For example, will we be able to archive the discussions after the module has been taught?
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    I’m hoping you will try the New OpenClass!
    Thanks for your question, Bayo. Both the Dashboard and Course Activity Feed pull data from the last 30 days, however there is an item threshold specific to remarks. It will only pull and display 20 remarks within the feed at one time. After you hit the 20 remark limit, new remarks will push the less recent remarks off the activity feed.

    You can retrieve remarks for a specific student in your course by clicking on the 'People' tab that appears on your course home. Click on the name of the student who's activity you would like to review and a compilation of their remarks will appear. Please see the screenshot below.

    We understand this is not an ideal way to view student activity and hope you will consider upgrading to the New OpenClass experience which does not include the 30 day nor the 20 remark limitation.

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