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Is there a way for an instructor to automatically have a student account in any course they teach? That way, they can see everything from a students' perspective so they know how to troubleshoot, and can see where problems would come up for students that they did not see in their initial course design. (This idea came from faculty members in an OC orientation)
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  • Currently a single user does not have the ability to switch seamlessly between student and instructor view. In order to view both role types with a single account, you will have to use your Administrator account to enroll yourself into a course as one of the role types, then unenroll that particular role type so you are able to re-enroll the alternate role type.

    A more simple option would be to create two different accounts on your OpenClass campus - one role would be configured as an Administrator or Instructor role which would allow you to have access to the instructor view of a course, and the second would be configured as a Student role which would allow you to have access to the student view of a course.

    We certainly understand the need to be able to quickly move between an instructor and student view and are considering this functionality to be added to OpenClass in a future release.
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