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How do i batch students from one course to another

I have about 10 courses, of which there are 500 students. When the students enrolled, I did not keep the batch files, nor did I consistently provide a student ID.

I need to enroll these 500 students into a new course. But if I try to batch enroll, the batch requests the student ID, which I can't recreate logically.

What would be the best way to batch this group of students into their next course?
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  • Batch user create and user registration files that have been uploaded to the system within the last 60 days are still accessible through the Batch Operations tab available in the Admin tools. After you click the Batch Operations tab, you will see each of the file names you have uploaded. Click on the file you wish to open to retrieve the user information you need to complete your new course registration file.

    We hope this is helpful to you, Chris!
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