I cannot get my gradebook pages to load on my courses or the points to "stick" when I post them..

I see that you've been receiving questions about gradebook issues. I am having problems with all of the gradebooks in the five courses that are currently open for our Leadership Academy and which end on August 31.

I am trying to post points as well as look at their quiz results and examine anything they may have missed on the quiz. 90% of the time I cannot even get the gradebooks to open for any of the courses. When they do load, they don't take "a bit longer", they take up to 20 minutes to load (if they even load).

Then, when I try to post points, they won't save.

This is a major issue and one which you have apparently been dealing with for the last month,

I am using "Windows 10" as well as Chrome and the new Edge Explorer. I also tried on another laptop with Windows 8.1 using Chrome and Internet Explorer with the exact same results.

On Tuesday 122 students will be enrolled in the first course for the Semester. I REALLY need to get this resolved so I don't spend hours trying to enter grades after work has been turned in throughout the month each course is taught.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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