IE9 & 10 Compatibility Issues

So the issues we are having is that using OpenClass in IE10 results in the wrong selection of a radio button during a test when returning to a question that you have previously answered.

When using IE9, we receive the following error message: Could not load 'ecollege.idm.Loginform; last tried'/v-'

Is java integrated at all with OpenClass. If so, there is absolutely no information on requirements for that in the supported browsers.
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  • We're sorry to hear you're having browser trouble, Wakashan. Let's see if we can help make sense of this.

    IE 10 is not officially a supported browser which explains why you are having trouble when using it. Please take a moment to review the list of supported operating systems and browsers in the OpenClass Knowledge Base to ensure you are meeting technical requirements.

    Java is not integrated with OpenClass. Can you tell us if this javascript error you included in your post is an intermittent issue? Or is it consistent?

    Also, it appears you receive the error when you attempt to login to OpenClass. Is this correct? If not, can you please tell us exactly what task you are performing prior to the javascript error appearing?

    Finally, are you the only one receiving the error or are multiple individuals on your OpenClass receiving the same?

    Thank you for your help, Wakashan!
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